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   Rx Supplies Company is a newly registered company located in           Missouri, in the United States of America. It was founded by two       shareholders, Dr. Wissam Muayad& Dr. Ahmed Abdul Jaleel,  on       May 28, 2010.  It started as a limited warehouse for medicine, and     grew into an acclaimed company

   Both Dr.Wissam & Dr.Ahmed have 14 years of experience in the         Iraqi market, and Rx Supplies Company imports, markets, and           distributes to various areas in Iraq.  In full accordance with the         law, all entities are registered with the Iraqi Ministry of Health           and the Iraqi Syndicate of Pharmacists and have the right to                 represent foreign companies in public, and private, markets in           the main territory of Iraq.  Rx supplies Company represents a             group of companies located in Iraq, includingsix warehouses in         Baghdad, one in Basrah, and Al-Fayhaa pharmaceutical industry       in Basrah.  These companies include

    ·         Ardh Al- salam Scientific bureau (Baghdad)
    ·         Hay Al-talibyaa warehouse (Baghdad)
    ·         Ardhalbarakaa warehouse(Baghdad)
    ·         Alfosool Al-arbaa warehouse (Baghdad)
    ·         Alnukhbaa warehouse (Baghdad)
    ·         Hayalbaydhaa warehouse(Baghdad)
    ·         ArdhAl- salamwarehouse ( Basrah )
    ·         Al Fayhaa pharmaceutical industry (Basrah

·         Al Dawaa alqloob warehouse (baghdad)

·         Abn Albetar warehous (baghdad)

·         Samaa Altamaiyz warehous (baghdad)

·         Ardh Al mustaqbal warehous (baghdad)

    ·         Alnajaf Almarkzy    warehouse (alnajaf)

 Rx Supplies Company also represents certain global companies,       exclusively in Iraq territory.

·         A- Belladama aesthetics (Barcelona spain)

          B- Iconic Medical aesthetic (Istanbul Turkey)

          C- Pro Advance rx medicalsupplies (Dubai uae)